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Light is our best medium for sending information over long distances—it moves at nature’s speed limit, and doesn’t degrade for hundreds of kilometers. As quantum technologies become more prevalent, and we strive to transmit quantum information, we will require quantum light.

Nonlinear optical processes, such as spontaneous parametric downconversion (SPDC) and spontaneous four wave mixing (SFWM),  are an established standard for generating single photons and other important quantum states of light. We work with both types of processes to design the next generation of quantum light sources.


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Agata Branczyk (PSI Fellow, Perimeter Institute; Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo)
Eugene Adjei (PhD student, University of Waterloo)
Jeremy Kelly-Massicotte (MSc Student, University of Waterloo)


Olivier Simon, Undergraduate Summer Research Student (2015) – Now: PhD Stanford University
Annamaria Dosseva, Undergraduate Summer Research Student (2014),


Waterloo, ON, Canada.